Xin chao,
I'm Daniel Truong
CSUF'24 | Software Engineer | Graphic Designer
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SDE Intern@Amazon Web Services (AWS)

May 2023 - Aug 2023

πŸ’™ Developed a monitoring dashboard, integrating it to an internal data analytics service to promptly detect several metrics, resulting in increasing the detection process by 80% and automate the data collection process entirely

πŸ’™ Led the data transformation process using PySpark, AWS Glue, and AWS S3 to process 300 builds daily and prepare data for analysis and created dashboard with AWS QuickSight sourcing data from the internal datalake.

πŸ’™ Key contributor to an organization-level project, a new internal service tool for doc writers. Pioneered the implementation of Kahn’s Algorithm to handle 9000+ entities data for a pivotal logic feature and collaborated with frontend engineers to develop the project’s UI using TypeScript.

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I’m an international student from Vietnam who started programming back in 2020 and turned it into a hobby

My experience is mostly about full-stack development but I also explore other fields like Data Science & Machine Learning

Besides from programming, I also do mobile/web design, listen to music, go to the gym, and create content for my Youtube channel

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